Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fulgrim the Primarch Slayer

Here is my Fulgrim model. I used the True/Art Scale Marine method to put him together. He stands a little over a head taller than a regular marine. As I mentioned in my last post, Fulgrim took down 2 other Primarchs. First to fight was his brother Ferrus Manus. Here is a close up of Devlin's Ferrus Manus. Later I will be painting the Rhino door he is standing on in my colors!
Devlin had been listening to me talk for 3 months about how I was going to kill Ferrus. He then gamely lined up Ferrus and his Terminators directly across from the Land Raider holding Fulgrim and his Terminators. As I had the first turn, I jumped Fulgrim out and moved forward. I couldn't resist trying to Pavane/Lash Ferrus out from his guard (I'm a Chaos player! What else would the evil villain do?), but Ferrus' pet Librarian shut that down. So we went 2 rounds. In the first round we dealt each other 2 wounds, and my Termies caused another. Then Ferrus failed an armor save for losing combat and being Fearless! In round 2 Fulgrim dealt 3 wounds to Ferrus and he failed his last save. I ran around slapping high fives and yelling, "Primarch DOWN!" Here is Ferrus' death scene.
Next up was Sanguinius. Willie had a nice model here using various pieces including Sigvald from the fantasy side! Me and Willie are old combatants and good friends, and Willie was more than game enough to jump his Primarch forward and do battle with me.
Here is Sanguinius calling out Fulgrim. Sanguinius charged and combat was quick and deadly.
Willie being Willie, smugly announced that Sanguinius struck at Initiative 7 with Furious Charge. I replied that Fulgrim was Initiative 7 standing. Willie gave me his "evil eye". He then announced that he had 7 attacks on the charge. I replied that Fulgrim had 7 attacks standing. Willie was none too amused and I think the word, "Cheater" escaped his lips. I let Willie roll first and he hit and wounded Fulgrim 5 times. I needed 3 4+ invulve saves to live and promptly failed 4 of them. Willie was much happier now. Then I rolled. I only hit 3 times. Then I wounded him twice. But Primarchs get to reroll failed wound rolls, and on the reroll a six came up! A six from Fulgrim causes Instant Death, and his sword negates Eternal Warrior! Fulgrim took down his second Primarch with a single swing, giving up his life to do so! I gave Willie a high five, and then ran around the room, taunting the other players!

Come back tomorrow to see more of the Primarchs!

The Big Game is in the books!

We set out to put 300,000 points of painted figures on the table and play 4 turns of Apocalypse. And we did it! 310,000 to be correct! We had 19 players and used 11 4'x6' tables. This is a view from one end of the table. While there were 5 Warhounds, 2 Reivers, a Thunderhawk, about 20 Baneblade/Shadowswords variants and an Emperor Titan on the table, everything else was normal troops/tanks! The Scenario was a continuation from the all-Chaos game in December. In this game, the Imperial Marine chapters and Guard have landed to retake the planet. But in doing so, they have opened a time rift to the Great Heresy, and the Primarchs have returned! We tried to set up players or player groups from each of the original Marine factions, and almost succeeded. Only the White Scars, Word Bearers, Death Guard, and the Dark Angels did not show. We did have some players who had to drop out who would have brought the Dark Angels and the Death Guard, so we were very close to all 18 original chapters.
A highlight of the game was the use of units from the Horus Heresy rules from the guys at Tempus Fugitives. Thanks TF! (www.tempusfugitives.co.uk. You need to become a member to use the downloads) We ended up with 14 Primarchs on the table, 7 from each side. Above are the Chaos lords, below are the Imperial ones. Only 3 lived at the end! Night Haunter and Rogal Dorn were going toe to toe, and Vulkan and his guard had just slain Angron when the game ended. Primarch of the match has to be my own Fulgrim, who took down both Ferrus Manus and then Sanguinius in hand-to-hand combat, though he died doing it!
Here is some of the action from the game, as the World Eaters collide into the Space Wolves and Ultramarine lines. That is a lot of red!
And yes we had an Emperor Titan! Josh built it, out of plywood! Here he is standing next to his creation, and in front of his deployed army. The titan laid down a lot of death, but caused more carnage when it went nuclear than it did laying down 26 D templates a turn for 3 turns! Good work Josh!
The end result was a draw, with mostly contested objectives. I will be posting more pictures all week. I have most of the players and their armies, and will be showing off my 18,000 points of Emperor's Children and Slaanesh Deamons.