Tuesday, December 7, 2010

355,000 point All-Chaos Apocalyptic Bash!

This last weekend we held our 2nd annual All-Chaos Bash. This is the event that started the madness for us. Above is a view down the length of the table. We had just over 355,000 points between the 5 Khorne Generals and the 8 opposing players.
Here is the glory of my Emperor's Children army at deployment. I was the Lord Commander for the Forces of Eternal Opposition, and after assigning everyone the deployment zones, I was left with 2 feet for myself!
Most of my play was against Anthony Hanner. Those are his arms reaching in to move one of his beautiful Super Brass Scorpions. I dropped 6 Obliterators in on my turn and sent the thing to hell! It went up in an apocalyptic explosion, killing everything around it except 2 of my Sorcerer Lords!
Here is a pretty shot of Dark General Touradj's Khorne General, aboard his War Mammoth, striding across the Temple of Skulls. "Move it closer, I want to hit them with my chain-axe!"
After all was said and done, Khorne won again, 9 points to 6. Here are the victorious Khorne Lords, basking in the glow of their demolished, burning city.