Tuesday, December 7, 2010

355,000 point All-Chaos Apocalyptic Bash!

This last weekend we held our 2nd annual All-Chaos Bash. This is the event that started the madness for us. Above is a view down the length of the table. We had just over 355,000 points between the 5 Khorne Generals and the 8 opposing players.
Here is the glory of my Emperor's Children army at deployment. I was the Lord Commander for the Forces of Eternal Opposition, and after assigning everyone the deployment zones, I was left with 2 feet for myself!
Most of my play was against Anthony Hanner. Those are his arms reaching in to move one of his beautiful Super Brass Scorpions. I dropped 6 Obliterators in on my turn and sent the thing to hell! It went up in an apocalyptic explosion, killing everything around it except 2 of my Sorcerer Lords!
Here is a pretty shot of Dark General Touradj's Khorne General, aboard his War Mammoth, striding across the Temple of Skulls. "Move it closer, I want to hit them with my chain-axe!"
After all was said and done, Khorne won again, 9 points to 6. Here are the victorious Khorne Lords, basking in the glow of their demolished, burning city.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Gratuitous Apoc Pics!

A shot of the Imperial deployment. It looks so nice before the assault!
A close-up of the Orky madness. As you can tell by the foam on the table, there are still many, many, many Ork Boyz to hit the table.
The Ork/Tyranid players on the move! Please excuse the glare. GMI's windows face west and the sun is beating in.
A shot of the action on the Imperial/Chaos table. Chaos bought off the Dark Eldar with promises of truck-loads of prisoners, and they were duly delivered. The Chaos Lords stationed a colossal Tzeentch Daemon to keep the count accurate.
And finally a shot of some of my army. I do love how the purple looks on the table. This photo is also proof of my personal victory. Fernando had bet me a steak dinner he would table me by turn 3. While he won the battle, he lost the bet. Mmmmmm, steak does make losing better!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Fourth War at Triton-520K Apoc Game!

GMI Games hosted the 4th War on Triton this last weekend. We put a colossal 520,000+ points on the board. The conflict raged across 3 tables. The most players were on this green table, upon which the forces of the Imperium and their Tau allies battled against Warlords of Chaos and their Dark Eldar/Necron allies. The Imperium used a well-played asset to get the victory, but I am sure the Warlords could have grabbed/contested another Objective if we had gone the planned 4 turns. (I was still sitting on 4 Orbital Bombardments when we ended!) In the back of the store (and the back left of the photo!) Space Wolves and Eldar dueled. The Space Wolves brought an Imperator Titan with the, but the Eldar out-maneuvered and out-shot the Sons of Russ for a decisive Eldar victory.
In the front of the store the Chaos Legions of Khorne assaulted a united Ork/Tyranid force. There were many custom Ork Stompas/Gargants on the board, along with lots of vicious Gargantuan bugs monstrosities. In the end the Khorne generals pulled out a victory.
Above are the victorious Imperium Lords on the main board. Left to right we have Garrett, Keith, Jon-Michael, Rob, their Arch-General Fernando, Blood Angel Willie and Andre. Well done guys!
And here are the Chaos Warlords, smiling as usual! From right to left is Dan, Brandon, Paul, Randy, Rob, me, and a friend of Dan's, whose name I have forgotten. Sorry man!
And on the front table we have everyone but Dave and Ork Chris, including Tyranid Chris, Mark, Mario, Touradj and Irv. A lot of the players where taking part in their first mega-Apoc game, as we added more races to the table to give them a chance to play! I will post more gratuitous action shots this week!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Return from the Warp

Has it really been 4 months since my last post? And where exactly have I been? Why I've building, painting and gaming of course! We had another big bash in June, about 360,000 points. Sorry, i did not take photos. The Imperials gave us a whupping, 3 tables to 1. Then I went up north as part of The Apocalyptic Travelling Roadshow to Redding CA. They were holding NorCon 2010, and we supplied the opponents for a big Apoc game. To read more about it click the link. That is me and my force above. Dosen't look like 15,000 points, does it? It will when all the Slaanesh Daemons drop!
The guys in Redding had really nice looking armies! I was most blown away by Brent's Nurgle army. Not only was it dangerous and huge (14,000 points!), it was freaking gorgeous! here are some high lights from his force. Above is a very nice Daemon Prince.
He converted all his Obliterators, very pretty, and then he blew up most of my tanks with them.
The Forgeworld super Nurgle Soulgrinder. Simply amazing!
Brent finished the game by turning his whole army on Fulgrim and beating him to the ground! Fair play for doing it in hand-to-hand! I need to kill that damned Epidemius faster next time, as 2 squads of Plague Marines that wound on 2's with no armor save kill Primarchs quick!

After returning, and reflecting on all the great armies, I realized I am falling behind on my force. I need to add a lot of troops quickly, so I am challenging myself to finish a 10 man squad of Chaos Marines with their Rhino in a week! My army seems and looks so puny on the table compared to the others. I need bulk and objective holding units, with some tank killing ability, so 10 men with meltas and a Aspiring Champion with a fist and a combi melta. They will also be able to scoot forward on the first turn and hopefully put a dent in the parking lots of tanks I am seeing lately. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

300K Apoc Game-Forces of Chaos

While our commander wouldn't sit still for a photo, I'd thought I would show the rest of the Conclave. First up is Dave, another Khorne fanatic. The wall of red in front of him is his 25,000 points of Berzerker-infused madness.
And a close-up of Dave's new Forgeworld Reaver Titan. The green effect o the eyes is a pair of powerful LEDs! This baby will light up a room in the dark!
Here Paul checks his list twice (just like Santa, only eviller). His are the forces in the top right, but this is a good photo of the total forces at one end of the table. That is at least 100,000 points of models!
and Paul and his forces in their glory. Paul brought about 45,000 points of Night Lords and Thousand Sons. Just to the right are the forces of the Alpha Legion. Their master is curiously (and characteristically) absent for posterity. Treg knocked out over 4,000 points in less than 3 months! Maybe a big game is what everyone needs to get painting!
And last but definately not least is Rob, with a huge Iron Warriors force, meshed with Nurgle Daemons. Rob had more Obliterators than some folks have models! He hopes to have some Perturabo pattern siege tanks soon.

Next time, my models and some thoughts about the game and how we pulled it off.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

300K Apoc Madness!

I thought I would share some action shots and some pics of a few of the Imperial commanders with you.
Here are a pair of shots from the Big Game. First up is a nice shot of the Twin Terrors of Khorne (Touradj and Dave) moving into action. On the left you can see Dave's new Chaos Reiver Titan. In the back you can see the Forge World Fortress wall, keeping the hordes of loyalist tanks in place. That is my new (to me at least!) Armorcast Reiver about to attack the wall. I later relented attacking the wall so as to keep the Imperial tanks bottled up behind it!
Here is some action from the other side of the table. The Alpha Legion is on the left, with Iron Warriors in the back. Imperial Fists and the forces of the Inquisition are moving against them.
Above is Walter and his army. Walter was the Imperial General, which meant he got to herd the Imperial players into getting everything done, pass out Strategic Assests, and handles the Big Game rules with Touradj, the Chaos General. He brought about 35,000 points of Imperial Fists and their Succssors along. This doesn't include any of his Guard models!!
Here we have Quentin, known as Q. Q brought a massive Inquisitional Army, with both Daemon and Witch Hunters. It was about 50,000 points! Very nicely painted, I liked his Immolators better than the 'Eavy Metal ones.
Mario ran one have of the Ultramarine force. In addition to finishing his own army, he painted for hire to help finish other players armies! He brought a scratch-built Warhound and Thunderhawk to issue death to Khorne. that is Brian in the background. Brian led a small force of Salamanders.

I'll share some photos of the Chaos commanders next time.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Imperial Primarchs

Here we have Roboute Guilliman. He was dragged down by roiling mass of Berzerkers and Khorne Dreadnoughts.
Rogal Dorn was still leading his legion, dueling with the Night Haunter in the middle of a Chaos shrine.
Leman Russ. My favorite Primarch model we had. He was converted and painted by "Little" Matt, who did many of the Primarchs.
Vulkan had just slain Angron when the game ended. Very nice execution on this model.
And lastly we have Corax. He was mauled by a host of Iron Warriors and Chaos Daemons.

Back tomorrow with some action pics and army photos!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Other Chaos Primarchs

As promised, here are more Primarch shots. Above is Alpharius, or is it Omegon? It might be both! I apologize for the blurriness, though that might be Alpharius' doing!
Here is Angron before he takes daemonic form. Vulkan and his lackeys slew him in hand-to-hand combat.
Here is Magnus the Red, before the Space Wolves knock out his eye.
Here is the Night Haunter. He was last seen going toe to toe with Rogal Dorn
And lastly we have Perturabo. I believe a mass of Marines and Sisters brought him low.

Imperial Primarchs tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fulgrim the Primarch Slayer

Here is my Fulgrim model. I used the True/Art Scale Marine method to put him together. He stands a little over a head taller than a regular marine. As I mentioned in my last post, Fulgrim took down 2 other Primarchs. First to fight was his brother Ferrus Manus. Here is a close up of Devlin's Ferrus Manus. Later I will be painting the Rhino door he is standing on in my colors!
Devlin had been listening to me talk for 3 months about how I was going to kill Ferrus. He then gamely lined up Ferrus and his Terminators directly across from the Land Raider holding Fulgrim and his Terminators. As I had the first turn, I jumped Fulgrim out and moved forward. I couldn't resist trying to Pavane/Lash Ferrus out from his guard (I'm a Chaos player! What else would the evil villain do?), but Ferrus' pet Librarian shut that down. So we went 2 rounds. In the first round we dealt each other 2 wounds, and my Termies caused another. Then Ferrus failed an armor save for losing combat and being Fearless! In round 2 Fulgrim dealt 3 wounds to Ferrus and he failed his last save. I ran around slapping high fives and yelling, "Primarch DOWN!" Here is Ferrus' death scene.
Next up was Sanguinius. Willie had a nice model here using various pieces including Sigvald from the fantasy side! Me and Willie are old combatants and good friends, and Willie was more than game enough to jump his Primarch forward and do battle with me.
Here is Sanguinius calling out Fulgrim. Sanguinius charged and combat was quick and deadly.
Willie being Willie, smugly announced that Sanguinius struck at Initiative 7 with Furious Charge. I replied that Fulgrim was Initiative 7 standing. Willie gave me his "evil eye". He then announced that he had 7 attacks on the charge. I replied that Fulgrim had 7 attacks standing. Willie was none too amused and I think the word, "Cheater" escaped his lips. I let Willie roll first and he hit and wounded Fulgrim 5 times. I needed 3 4+ invulve saves to live and promptly failed 4 of them. Willie was much happier now. Then I rolled. I only hit 3 times. Then I wounded him twice. But Primarchs get to reroll failed wound rolls, and on the reroll a six came up! A six from Fulgrim causes Instant Death, and his sword negates Eternal Warrior! Fulgrim took down his second Primarch with a single swing, giving up his life to do so! I gave Willie a high five, and then ran around the room, taunting the other players!

Come back tomorrow to see more of the Primarchs!

The Big Game is in the books!

We set out to put 300,000 points of painted figures on the table and play 4 turns of Apocalypse. And we did it! 310,000 to be correct! We had 19 players and used 11 4'x6' tables. This is a view from one end of the table. While there were 5 Warhounds, 2 Reivers, a Thunderhawk, about 20 Baneblade/Shadowswords variants and an Emperor Titan on the table, everything else was normal troops/tanks! The Scenario was a continuation from the all-Chaos game in December. In this game, the Imperial Marine chapters and Guard have landed to retake the planet. But in doing so, they have opened a time rift to the Great Heresy, and the Primarchs have returned! We tried to set up players or player groups from each of the original Marine factions, and almost succeeded. Only the White Scars, Word Bearers, Death Guard, and the Dark Angels did not show. We did have some players who had to drop out who would have brought the Dark Angels and the Death Guard, so we were very close to all 18 original chapters.
A highlight of the game was the use of units from the Horus Heresy rules from the guys at Tempus Fugitives. Thanks TF! (www.tempusfugitives.co.uk. You need to become a member to use the downloads) We ended up with 14 Primarchs on the table, 7 from each side. Above are the Chaos lords, below are the Imperial ones. Only 3 lived at the end! Night Haunter and Rogal Dorn were going toe to toe, and Vulkan and his guard had just slain Angron when the game ended. Primarch of the match has to be my own Fulgrim, who took down both Ferrus Manus and then Sanguinius in hand-to-hand combat, though he died doing it!
Here is some of the action from the game, as the World Eaters collide into the Space Wolves and Ultramarine lines. That is a lot of red!
And yes we had an Emperor Titan! Josh built it, out of plywood! Here he is standing next to his creation, and in front of his deployed army. The titan laid down a lot of death, but caused more carnage when it went nuclear than it did laying down 26 D templates a turn for 3 turns! Good work Josh!
The end result was a draw, with mostly contested objectives. I will be posting more pictures all week. I have most of the players and their armies, and will be showing off my 18,000 points of Emperor's Children and Slaanesh Deamons.