Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Gratuitous Apoc Pics!

A shot of the Imperial deployment. It looks so nice before the assault!
A close-up of the Orky madness. As you can tell by the foam on the table, there are still many, many, many Ork Boyz to hit the table.
The Ork/Tyranid players on the move! Please excuse the glare. GMI's windows face west and the sun is beating in.
A shot of the action on the Imperial/Chaos table. Chaos bought off the Dark Eldar with promises of truck-loads of prisoners, and they were duly delivered. The Chaos Lords stationed a colossal Tzeentch Daemon to keep the count accurate.
And finally a shot of some of my army. I do love how the purple looks on the table. This photo is also proof of my personal victory. Fernando had bet me a steak dinner he would table me by turn 3. While he won the battle, he lost the bet. Mmmmmm, steak does make losing better!

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