Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Fourth War at Triton-520K Apoc Game!

GMI Games hosted the 4th War on Triton this last weekend. We put a colossal 520,000+ points on the board. The conflict raged across 3 tables. The most players were on this green table, upon which the forces of the Imperium and their Tau allies battled against Warlords of Chaos and their Dark Eldar/Necron allies. The Imperium used a well-played asset to get the victory, but I am sure the Warlords could have grabbed/contested another Objective if we had gone the planned 4 turns. (I was still sitting on 4 Orbital Bombardments when we ended!) In the back of the store (and the back left of the photo!) Space Wolves and Eldar dueled. The Space Wolves brought an Imperator Titan with the, but the Eldar out-maneuvered and out-shot the Sons of Russ for a decisive Eldar victory.
In the front of the store the Chaos Legions of Khorne assaulted a united Ork/Tyranid force. There were many custom Ork Stompas/Gargants on the board, along with lots of vicious Gargantuan bugs monstrosities. In the end the Khorne generals pulled out a victory.
Above are the victorious Imperium Lords on the main board. Left to right we have Garrett, Keith, Jon-Michael, Rob, their Arch-General Fernando, Blood Angel Willie and Andre. Well done guys!
And here are the Chaos Warlords, smiling as usual! From right to left is Dan, Brandon, Paul, Randy, Rob, me, and a friend of Dan's, whose name I have forgotten. Sorry man!
And on the front table we have everyone but Dave and Ork Chris, including Tyranid Chris, Mark, Mario, Touradj and Irv. A lot of the players where taking part in their first mega-Apoc game, as we added more races to the table to give them a chance to play! I will post more gratuitous action shots this week!


  1. Seems like a ton of models on those tables. Essentially way to many, really does not look like much room to move about. Looks like it is essential impossible for blast markers not to hit anything.

  2. Well, it starts out like that, and then the blast markers thin it out right quick. Or you can just roll like I did, and fire at Land Raiders 38 times with lascannons and just blow off 3 sponsons...