Monday, August 16, 2010

A Return from the Warp

Has it really been 4 months since my last post? And where exactly have I been? Why I've building, painting and gaming of course! We had another big bash in June, about 360,000 points. Sorry, i did not take photos. The Imperials gave us a whupping, 3 tables to 1. Then I went up north as part of The Apocalyptic Travelling Roadshow to Redding CA. They were holding NorCon 2010, and we supplied the opponents for a big Apoc game. To read more about it click the link. That is me and my force above. Dosen't look like 15,000 points, does it? It will when all the Slaanesh Daemons drop!
The guys in Redding had really nice looking armies! I was most blown away by Brent's Nurgle army. Not only was it dangerous and huge (14,000 points!), it was freaking gorgeous! here are some high lights from his force. Above is a very nice Daemon Prince.
He converted all his Obliterators, very pretty, and then he blew up most of my tanks with them.
The Forgeworld super Nurgle Soulgrinder. Simply amazing!
Brent finished the game by turning his whole army on Fulgrim and beating him to the ground! Fair play for doing it in hand-to-hand! I need to kill that damned Epidemius faster next time, as 2 squads of Plague Marines that wound on 2's with no armor save kill Primarchs quick!

After returning, and reflecting on all the great armies, I realized I am falling behind on my force. I need to add a lot of troops quickly, so I am challenging myself to finish a 10 man squad of Chaos Marines with their Rhino in a week! My army seems and looks so puny on the table compared to the others. I need bulk and objective holding units, with some tank killing ability, so 10 men with meltas and a Aspiring Champion with a fist and a combi melta. They will also be able to scoot forward on the first turn and hopefully put a dent in the parking lots of tanks I am seeing lately. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow... where has this blog been all my life?

    Great Stuff

  2. Happy Birthday to a true gamer god! Nice photo's too!!!