Tuesday, April 13, 2010

300K Apoc Game-Forces of Chaos

While our commander wouldn't sit still for a photo, I'd thought I would show the rest of the Conclave. First up is Dave, another Khorne fanatic. The wall of red in front of him is his 25,000 points of Berzerker-infused madness.
And a close-up of Dave's new Forgeworld Reaver Titan. The green effect o the eyes is a pair of powerful LEDs! This baby will light up a room in the dark!
Here Paul checks his list twice (just like Santa, only eviller). His are the forces in the top right, but this is a good photo of the total forces at one end of the table. That is at least 100,000 points of models!
and Paul and his forces in their glory. Paul brought about 45,000 points of Night Lords and Thousand Sons. Just to the right are the forces of the Alpha Legion. Their master is curiously (and characteristically) absent for posterity. Treg knocked out over 4,000 points in less than 3 months! Maybe a big game is what everyone needs to get painting!
And last but definately not least is Rob, with a huge Iron Warriors force, meshed with Nurgle Daemons. Rob had more Obliterators than some folks have models! He hopes to have some Perturabo pattern siege tanks soon.

Next time, my models and some thoughts about the game and how we pulled it off.


  1. Seems to me like you guys need a bigger table for this game.

  2. You guys need more models. This is such a small game.

  3. And as silly as it sounds, I would love to see some actual army lists. Would be interesting to see what kinda characters, models and datasheets were ran.

  4. Eriochrome, we do need a bigger table. We are having a bigger game(!) in September and we are looking to rent/borrow a hall or ballroom.

    Wallie I will be posting my army. Not a true list, as that would be long and boring, but I will list all the units and options I took.

  5. One of the GREATEST GAMES I've played yet. Only next time I will get to run both my armies side by side, and not be running back and forth like a mad man. (Well semi mad man hehe...)