Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Aquisitions

I just got back from the Labor Day Strategicon. Strategicon runs gaming conventions 3 times a year in the LA area.While the miniatures area was rather poor, the flea market tables were great! I got 2 of the old Chaos terminator lords (without their Kai Guns), an unopened box of Possessed, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, a mounted Lord of Slaanesh, and an assembled Daemon Prince (with plastic dragon wings!), all for about $75! I got a bunch of other (non-Slaanesh or non-Chaos) items, caught up with old friends, and help devastate the merchant table of Art of War Terrain ( I got several nice terrain pieces from them. All were also non-Slaanesh, but great for my other armies and my LGS GMI games.

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