Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Big Battle

Well the big game came and went! It got moved up a month, but we got everyone together and put about 140,000 points of mini's on the table and fought for Chaos supremacy. Above are my fellow fanatics, (L-R) Anthony, Touradj, Rob, Matt, Paul, myself and Dave. 3 days of chucking dice and we are still smiling!
Here the forces of Khorne are setting up. There is a whole sea of red there...
Just about ready to kick off... We set up Friday night, and fought it out Saturday through Sunday.
Here is some of my finished super-heavies and terminators. I will give you better photos of these later.
This is about half way through. Here we see Rob and Dave squaring off. Yes that is Angroth in the back. Khorne had THREE Angroths on the table at one point. The sea of red is dwindling, but reinforcements are on the way...

In the end, many skulls were laid at the Throne of Blood, and Khorne won. It turns out this battle was to decide which forces would general a fight against the Imperials we will have in March. And then we will start again next December! I will be adding more photos from this battle soon, and some glamour shots of my forces. I am already adding to my army for the March battle.

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