Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Photos from the Big Game

Here we see the early loading and deploying on the Khorne side. We wisely set up the night before. Just taking all the minis out of their cases and moving to approximate positions took a couple of hours.
Here you can see Anthony laying out his stunning Berserker Legion. All of his mini's are lovingly converted, and extremely nicely painted. I will be showing off more of Anthony's models later.
And here is Touradj's first wave of uncased mini's. Touradj has an ungodly (should that be un-Khorne-ly?) amount of models. His army is about 45,000 points, and is great for an old grognard like me, as it contains the entire history of Games Workshop models. All 3 editions of Juggernoughts will hit you in his Bloodcrusher packs! Touradj actually lent my side a load of non-Khornate daemons just to even up the points!
Here are Anthony's wonderful Forge World Brass Scorpions. This model is lovelier in person. I did not like them when I saw them on the Forge World site, but am completely sold on them now. They were joined by 3 other Defiler-based brothers later in the battle.
The Sea of Red. These are Dave's mini's. He joined the Khorne side to balance out points (TRAITOR!!!), and had a massive amount of vehicles, including 7 Vindicators. You can see 1 of his 3 Blood Slaughterers down there at the bottom.

More photos soon!

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